WS001 Oakley Window Stool

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Note: Mouldings sold per linear foot (LF) are subject to lengths on hand. If special lengths are required, please contact our stores for an inventory check. Order the total quantity of LF desired and an order equaling that total will be assembled.

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When you want to make your windows stand out in every room of your home, the Oakley Window Stool Moulding may be your answer. With a wide ledge, it makes any window pop. Perfect for adding d?cor on the ledges or even as a perch for one of your furry friends, the Olive Window Stool is a great addition to any room. This window stool comes in one size and species option: Radiata Pine, and will make any space look elegant. The Olive Window Stool Moulding is also available in both 8-foot and 16-foot length options or 4-inch samples if you?d like to see how it looks before making a full purchase.