CH001 Byron Chair Rail

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Note: Mouldings sold per linear foot (LF) are subject to lengths on hand. If special lengths are required, please contact our stores for an inventory check. Order the total quantity of LF desired and an order equaling that total will be assembled.

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Byron Chair Rail Moulding is more than a protective element to your dining room walls. Put it up in any room for a beautiful accent, or use it to emphasize your bookcases. ?Byron Chair Rail is perfect for adding some elegance to your cabinets. You can even use it to show a transition between paneling and drywall in any room. Our Byron Chair Rail moulding is available in one size and one species type, Radiata Pine. Purchase this moulding in either 8-foot or 16-foot lengths. If you?re interested in a few of our chair rails and want to compare them with this one or see how they will fit in with your home, order our convenient 4-inch sample size!