Your Guide to Baseboard Moulding: Why it Matters and Why You Need It

Your Guide to Baseboard Moulding: Why it Matters and Why You Need It

In your home, you likely chose the decorations and maybe even the colors of your walls. But there are other elements to a room that might add more to the space’s look than you realize—like baseboard moulding.

The baseboards in many rooms simply blend into the surroundings; in most instances, that’s precisely what you want them to do. However, sometimes you want to use those baseboards to create an effect in a room for a unique look or aesthetic that complements the other details.

At The Moulding Company, we have been helping homeowners make their aesthetic dreams come true through decades of experience with moulding of all types. Learn more about how you can create the perfect ambiance in your home using baseboard mouldings!

Are Baseboard Mouldings Really That Important?

One of the benefits that most people enjoy from their baseboard mouldings is the added detail and character this feature brings to the room. You can have simple baseboards that serve their purpose and look crisp and neat against your walls. However, you could add architectural baseboards to give your room some extra personality! There are many different baseboards, and you can get any baseboards custom-made to suit your needs.

While modern baseboards may seem like they are only there to finish off the bottom of the drywall and add aesthetic appeal, they also serve another purpose. They are put in place to protect the drywall from absorbing anything that may spill on the floor. They also serve as a stopgap between dirt or debris on the floor and the drywall itself.

The most common baseboard styles include:

  • Traditional baseboards
  • Tall baseboards
  • Shaped MDF baseboards
  • Vinyl baseboards
  • Base caps
  • Crown baseboards
  • Flat baseboards
  • Rounded baseboards
  • Step baseboards
  • Jointed baseboards
  • And more!

You can also use a combination of baseboards to get the look you want. For example, you can have a flat baseboard first, topped with a step baseboard and a rounded baseboard at the top, giving you a 3-D look when it is all put together. When you take the look you get and combine it with additional room elements, you can get a brand-new feeling in an old room or bring your favorite space to life! Here are some of the other room elements that play off the moulding you pick:

  • Wall colors
  • Height of the room
  • Furniture in the room
  • Style of accessories within the room

What Baseboard Materials Are Available?

Baseboards come in many different sizes, shapes, and materials. When selecting baseboards, you must consider all the varieties before determining what suits your needs the best. Here are some of the different types to consider:

Depending on which types of pre-primed moulding you pick, you can paint or stain the pieces so they match the color scheme of your room. Staining or painting will also help seal them properly, making them easier to clean!

Why Do You Need Baseboards?

Baseboards are important functionally and aesthetically. They make an individual room look much better and can help your home appear statelier. Existing homes often have moulding around the base of each wall, but not all new homes do. Building your own new home allows you to choose from among the modern baseboards available on the market or to have custom-made ones for your home. Upgrading an existing home through a renovation gives you the same opportunity to customize what type of mouldings you have in your home.

Many believe that the mouldings they see at their local big-box stores are their only options. Thankfully, that is not the case. By turning to The Moulding Company, you can get any type of moulding created to make the perfect statement in your home. You just need to have an idea or a sample of the type of moulding that would best suit your needs. From there, you can have the moulding custom-made and sent to your home for installation.

Let Baseboard Moulding Change Your Home’s Aesthetic

Now that you can see how much of an impact something as simple as baseboard moulding can make, why not find a company that customizes it to meet your needs? At The Moulding Company, we can take any baseboard moulding need and make it a reality. Please, look at all our online baseboard options or stop in at one of our showrooms to see them in person. If you have questions or need help, please feel free to contact us today!